Chakra Meditation Guide

By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Our chakra meditation guide is different from what you will find elsewhere on the internet, from yoga teachers or written in books. Numerous books and internet sites repeat the same old information. Some of the information may have been relevant to people in India 2000 years ago but are not applicable to people now because humanity has evolved since then.

Our unique chakra meditation method, Advanced Meditation, teaches you how to purify, heal and transform your chakras in a safe, step-by-step process. It is unlike anything else. It comes from over forty years of experience helping hundreds of people to awaken to the Light within them, heal themselves, and be a source of Light to others.

Your Chakra Meditation Guide

My name is Jon Terrell, and I am the founder of Advanced Meditation and a student and teacher of Inner LightFire transformative methods. As a result of practicing these methods over many years, I have developed the clairvoyant ability to see into other people's bodies and evaluate the condition of their chakras. As a teacher and healer, I offer a meditation and energy healing program to help people awaken to the divine Light within them and within everything. I call this method Advanced Meditation.

I've also worked with numerous people who have gotten into deep psychological and physical trouble by "opening" their chakras prematurely. See the next section for more information about that.

With Inner LightFire and other techniques of Advanced Meditation, you can heal and awaken your body and mind to the radiance of your True Self and learn to express that Light and Love into the world. 

This Chakra Meditation Guide is all about chakras and our method for awakening them. We also provide information on how you can start your chakra awakening journey, going from theory to practice, from mental concepts about them to actual transformation.

Please Don't Try To Open Your Chakras!!! 

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A step-by-step process is the safest way to grow, especially for working with chakras. Over the years, I've worked  with numerous people worldwide who sought me out because they were suffering from prematurely or accidentally "opening" their chakras. Some of their complaints have been:

  • Hearing Voices of beings who are not physically present, and these voices sometimes tell them to do terrible things
  • Intense Pain in parts of their body, especially their nervous system,  including itching and uncomfortable heat
  • Feeling "spaced out" and otherwise ungrounded
  • Reactions From Others, especially by women getting unwanted sexual attention from men

Don't try to open your chakras if you have a history of mental problems or find yourself ungrounded! You can get yourself into serious trouble. First, find and work with a qualified health professional to help you get grounded, stable, and present.

Can opening chakras make you sick? Yes, for a variety of reasons. You can bring up too much and shock your systems. You may have suppressed uncomfortable feelings like anger or fear, and when these resurface, you can react and get sick to your stomach, anxious, aggravated, etc.

Don't try a technique from a book or found on the internet to open your chakras. You want to work with someone you trust who can carefully guide you. You want a step-by-step process. I offer a long-distance evaluation and healing session. I will teach you a safe, proven method to help heal your body and mind.

For those who feel ready to start working on emotional healing immediately, go to Healing Your Heart Chakra written meditation on this site.

I work with healthy people who want to discover more about themselves and to be of service in the world. I help people discover their blocks to Light and Love within themselves so they can transform those blocks into freedom, healing, and passion. I do this through intensive emotional healing retreats (at my sister site) as well as this website.

I do not teach our core techniques over the Internet. I work long distance (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) and in person with clients after a thorough Chakra Assessment.  And even after that evaluation, it takes at least one more session to prepare clients to learn to purify and awaken their chakras. All this is for your safety.  From the start, we teach invaluable skills for healing and awakening.

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Learn To Awaken Your Chakras And "Light Up" Your Life

Instead of opening chakras, you want to awaken your chakras gradually. This is a big difference! We awaken your chakras with  Inner LightFire techniques designed to purify each chakra and clear out obstructions to your true nature so that your natural goodness, wisdom, and healing power shine out. 

We want to radiate more and more Light rather than draw negativity into us.

Like the rest of you, your chakras naturally evolve and grow as you move through life. We progress in some areas of our lives quicker than others. And we can get stuck in some areas, especially in relationships (the Heart Chakra, the Communications Chakra). We are all on a physical, psychological, and spiritual journey.

Inner LightFire can make this journey easier and more fulfilling.

As your chakras are purified, they awaken, and you can gradually experience each chakra shining out into your body and personality.

And as your consciousness lights up, that Light can reach out into all areas of your life, and into the world.

Chakra Confusion-Why Is There Such Disagreement?

There's considerable disagreement about the purpose, meaning, size, and location of chakras. Why is this?

The primary reason is that people believe all sorts of ideas about chakras without having clear experiences. They repeat what others have said who are repeating what still others have said! Most of what I have read online doesn't include a source for the information and is just repetition of what somebody else wrote! We think it's true because so many people have said it. t

Most accounts speak of seven chakras, sometimes along the spine and sometimes positioned on an axis along the the body's center. Many agree about the chakra positions in the body. But then others say something different. It is hard to discover what is true. 

We can easily confuse intellectual understanding with experience. If an authority tells us something, or we read it in a book or online, and it sounds plausible, we often believe it and repeat it to others. We assume the writers or teachers have genuine experience to support their claims. I've met many people who speak of "the seven chakras" as fact, but their sources are a book they read or a teacher they studied with. I've tried to find clear ancient sources for the model most people use, and I have yet to be able to.

Another reason is that humanity has evolved considerably in the last few thousand years. What may have been appropriate for people living two thousand years ago in India (the seven chakra system) is not what is needed by people now! Humanity has evolved to much more individuality and personal will than back then.

I experience and teach an updated, more modern approach, for people alive now. This chakra meditation guide is an example of the way I teach.

Why believe me? I've had more than 50 years of experience working with chakras and have verified over and over again their locations and purposes. The methods I teach can be verified by you so you don't have to take my, or anyone's word as truth. 

So please don't believe me, but if you choose to study with me, try out the meditations and verify their benefits for yourself. Believe yourself!

Each step of the way, rely on your perception as it grows and gets clarified through direct experience. At first, try out what we say and see if it works for you. Gradually you develop your sense of what is true and what works.

Use this Chakra Meditation Guide (including the following webpage) to give you an overview of the territory.

(Russell Paul Schofield, PhD, my teacher and the founder of this approach called this the theorematic approach. "The student accepts a theorem formulated as a technique, which he experiences; first with the teacher, next, without the outer aid of the teacher; and then finally, in practical application.")

In Hindu, Buddhist, and Tantric traditions, chakras are often described as Wheels of Light within the body.

Each chakra, or energy center, has two functions:

  • The first is that chakras are places within you (when awakened) where you can touch into aspects of your divine nature. Each chakra expressed a unique consciousness, some of which we will describe in the next section. They are sources of divine Light and Love within you that you can visit to lift yourself. You can hang out in these places, enjoying their healing Light. 
  • Second, chakras are places within us that can express Light into the world. Each one is unique and has a different purpose. 

Please remember that we are not opening chakras, as stated above. Many people are too open already and get clobbered by life, and some hear inner voices. or having other uncomfortable experiences. They need better and stronger boundaries!

As your chakras are cleansed and purified, you can experience each one's unique purpose. Then you can bring that radiance into your body and personality to lift yourself up, followed by shining your Light into the world. 

Our approach is to build your inner resources of Light and Love. By awakening your chakras, you can become more effective in the world as a source of healing, creative power, wisdom, and love. We are here to shine our Light.

Be A Multi-Leveled Lighthouse In The World

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Advanced Meditation training and awakening chakras take time and effort. It's not something you can just read about. It takes some time (a minimum of 15 minutes each day) and a lot of focus. It's not all fun as you will learn how to transform difficult, uncomfortable states of consciousness, which means looking at issues you have avoided and suppressed! 

On the other hand, if you are seeking a powerful, joyful journey of deep healing and profound awakening, this training may be for you. If you want to learn how to serve others and spread your Light and Love into the world, our methods may fit you. If you want to be a "Light in the World," I know of nothing faster and more effective.

As your chakras are purified and awakened, your body and mind lift and shine. You become a multi-leveled Lighthouse, one of many that shine in the world.

Humanity and the earth need us now.

Chakra Meditation Guide: Next Step

To learn more about chakras, go to the next section, What Are Chakras. You'll learn more about our approach, the general location and purposes of the chakras, and much more.

Do you want to find out more about the condition of your chakras? Do you want to begin the Advanced Meditation journey by cleansing and purifying your body, chakras, and energy field? Contact me through the form below to schedule a distant assessment and cleansing session. Or read about it first: Chakra Assessment and Healing session

Or you may want to try out a written version of Advanced Meditation to Cleanse and Awaken Your Heart Chakra.

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