Client Comments About Advanced Meditation

"I am ready to live with more bravery and to know that I am okay. I am okay, and I am safe, and that is a hard thing to believe. I’m so grateful for you and your work and your gift and how you’ve shared it with me."

Chris Landry, Florence, MA

"I felt such a sense of lightness and relief after our session. I went outside and could see everything so clearly, and when I went back to work (though I was a little out of it) I noticed that I was looking at people's faces and actually seeing them, really taking in all of their expressions and just feeling a sense of calmness and taking in the moment. Also, when you were working on my legs, they felt as if they were longer than my physical and very fluid. It was amazing!"

Katie Killpack, New York City

"Before working with Jon Terrell I never felt like I had enough time and when I did have time I would use it ineffectively. I felt stuck, and afraid and confused about which steps would be the right steps to take for a better future.

During my session with Jon I immediately started to feel more like myself and I quickly had a reawakening of my soul’s purposes, in this lifetime. Since my session, I have felt more in tune with my needs and desires and not afraid of going after them. I feel less guilt around doing those things that make me happy and I have been more joyous in my life than I have been since childhood.

I feel like I live my life to the fullest now, and that the chains that have been connecting me to others and holding me down have dissolved. I feel like I have been born again; this time I feel happy and blessed to live as my authentic self and I'm excited by all the goodness that this brings into my life. I feel like my soul has been set free!

Thank you, than you , thank you Jon!!!! And I got all of this after just ONE session! What a miracle this has been in my life!"

Christina Cote, Holyoke, MA

"One of the biggest struggles that I have is staying 'in my head.' You have helped me with this. The inner light is always accessible, never obvious to others, and consistently beneficial. As a teacher, I have worked with it while in front of my class, and have found that I can change the tenor of the room just by accessing light energy and allowing that energy to transform me – and hence, the feeling of the class. I have accessed light energy in meetings as well, and though it is a more difficult task in these situations (because I am not the one setting the tone for the meeting), I have found it to be successful as well."

Carol Guasti, Brooklyn, NY

“I wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday at your Inner Light Center. I feel much lighter in my skin today and keep reminding myself that it is OK to allow myself to feel this relaxed and present. I was tired when I got home yesterday and went to bed with my daughter. I fell asleep with her resting on me. In my dream I saw myself run to my window and look up at the night sky, at that point I saw a beautiful star shining brightly and realized all of a sudden that it was my Star. I woke up at that point and a flood of memories flashed through me like fragments of light and I suddenly felt peace. Thank you.  I will try to cultivate my Star and inner light. 

Thank you again,”

Kara Hayes, Hadley, MA

"After, I was able to go much more deeply and effortlessly into my yoga practice ... levels of tension I didn’t even know were there had been released." 

Joe Burros, Springfield, MA

"I was quite astounded with the difference in my energy fromdoing the work with you. I’m very excited about it. I find myself speaking my mind more than I have in the past. That is good."

Yhanna Coffin, Livingston Manor, New York

"I was in a deep funk, very closed and scared. My dearest friend suggested I get a session with Jon. My body trembled as Jon opened up my energy and I felt great releases. I believe I went so deep as to experience the divine, which is odd for me because I don’t have a secure belief in the divine." 

Jill Faithful, Livingston Manor, New York

"Jon is a powerful force for good and a tremendously gifted healer."

Ellen Ely, Montrose, PA

"Jon’s perspectives, insights and compassion were like a life preserver to a drowning woman. He has an enormous ability to heal. Jon has tapped into a very pure source of information and energy."

Genie Joseph, Ph.D., Honolulu, HI

"Jon is a gifted and highly trained bodyworker, healer, and teacher. He balances great strength and sensitivity, wisdom and compassion. Each session with Jon is a unique experience. Jon is very intuitive about what a person needs at the moment, and tailors his work to that individual at that particular time." - Bruce Jaffe

"I feel truly blessed and incredibly fortunate for my experience with you. It is hard for me to remember what it felt like to be in the state I was before! I will always be grateful." - Suzanne Rush

"You have an amazing gift!" - Alison Greenlie

"Jon is a powerful force for good and a tremendously gifted healer. I experienced the healing of deep emotional and psychological wounds, and a freeing and empowerment to attain my life goals." - Dahlia Kempler

"I want you to know the depth of gratitude I have for the gift of healing from you. My body continues to feel alive and my spirit generous." 

Jennifer Burns, Rhinebeck, NY

"Jon related to who I was and where I was coming from ...I didn’t have to use a lot of words, he just got it."

Alison Jackson, New Hampshire

"I felt safe with you. In one session you taught me how to align with my true self and experience a light I never new existed--a light that comforts me and others. I feel empowered."

Samantha T

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