Training In Advanced Meditation

Foundation I Retreat, October 10-13, 2024 

Star Dance Ranch in Western Massachusetts

$895, includes meals and basic housing for 3 nights, 4 days

We offer Training In Advanced Meditation (A.M.) at 3-5 day small group retreats. Each retreat offers a sequence of practical meditations that help participants develop expertise in our program's healing and awakening components. Additionally, In the Foundation I retreat, participants learn hands-on energy-healing techniques that help them accelerate their progress. No prior meditation experience is required to attend.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to awaken your body and mind to the pure radiant Light within you for personal healing and practical expression in the world:

  • Experience specific "Keys to the Kingdom" meditations for practical applications in your life
  • Practice unique Hands-On Energy Healing techniques to accelerate progress and work with others
  • Join a family of Advanced Meditators throughout the world that work with Inner Light to transform consciousness
  • Discover the qualities of your true nature as a Being of Light and Love, and awaken those qualities in your personality
  • Bridge the gap between meditation teachings and your body, between theory and daily life
  • Discover and activate energy centers/chakras inside of you that are sources of radiant Light and Energy 
  • Transform old energetic patterns that hold you back

Day By Day Program Outline


  • Registration; 4-5 pm arrivals
  • First Gathering: Welcome, Logistics, Candle Lighting Ceremony, Story
  • Dinner
  • Framework of retreat-The Skills and Principles of Advanced Meditation
  • Meditation 1, "The Star"
  • introduction To A.M. Energy Healing, Lighted Hands 1, Basic Brush Down
  • Dyads
  • Covenant process


  • Radiance Qigong
  • Breakfast
  • "Lighting" food with Inner Light-Fire
  • A.M, meditation 2: Full Star Process and Brush Down complete
  • Lunch
  • Optional Hike around Puffer's Pond and Bridge Qigong*Optional Hike around Puffer's Pond and Bridge Qigong
  • A.M technique 3: The Star Path, A new model for cleansing Chakras/Energy Centers
  • Energy Healing skills with a partner, healing, and awakening energy centers
  • Break
  • Dinner with Q&A,
  • Two glasses demonstration and discussion
  • Evening Session: A.M technique 4: The Inner King
  • Energy Healing skills with a partner, working with headaches
  • Brush Down


  • Yoga or Qigong
  • Breakfast
  • A.M technique 4: Working To Cleanse, Clear, and Uplift Environments
  • Break and Lunch
  • Optional Journey up Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Break
  • Dinner
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony, calling in the directions
  • Advanced Meditation 5: The Warrior Within
  • Energy Healing with a partner with the Warrior Within


  • Cleaning The Temple
  • Breakfast
  • Practical Applications of A.M. and daily practices
  • A.M. technique 6: TBA, practicing A.M. at home, next steps
  • Brush downTBA
  • Break and Ritual Entry
  • Final Ceremony and Goodbyes
  • Lunch (optional, included)
  • Departure noon to 1 pm

How To Register

The full cost of this retreat is $895 and it is limited to 11 participants.

A $300 deposit, payable to "Star Experience" reserves your place. We accept PayPal, Venmo and personal check.

All housing at Star Dance Ranch is shared. We have a woman's guest room with 4-5 beds, and a man's guest room with 3 beds. We have two other spaces Jon below for more information.

If you snore or prefer more privacy there are several motels, at an additional cost, within 5-12 miles. You must agree to be at Star Dance for all the activities.

Go here to see photos of Star Dance Ranch and the bedroom spaces.

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