Healing Your Heart Chakra

The Power of Inner Light-Fire For Healing Heart Chakra Blockages

By Jon Terrell, M.A.

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Below is a guided Inner Light-Fire meditation for healing your heart chakra. By practicing this technique, you can help heal your past and learn to express more of the power within you for wellness, joyful relationships and vibrant health. 

This is a technique of Advanced Meditation. To learn more about Advanced Meditation in general, go here. I have been practicing and teaching this unique form of healing and awakening for over fifty years.

And for an introduction to Chakras (Energy Centers in your body), go here.

A Note About The Importance of Awakening Chakras Instead of Opening Them

It's vital to focus on healing your chakras by gradually awakening them rather than focusing on opening chakras, which can have detrimental effects. I've worked with numerous people who have made the mistake of opening chakras only end up in physical or psychological pain.

Some people I've worked with read about opening chakras from a book or the internet and ended up with severe pain in their bodies. One person I worked with tried Kundalini meditation while using psychedelics and ended up in a mental ward. I helped these clients gradually get grounded again and reverse the damage to their nervous system, by using Advanced Meditation techniques.

To learn more about the importance of awakening your centers/chakras rather than trying to open them, go to Opening Chakras, Be Careful!

Please know that working with Inner Light-Fire is powerful, transformational work and should be carefully undertaken, preferably with the supervision of a qualified teacher. A teacher trained in Inner Light-Fire techniques can help you experience the techniques more powerfully and directly so you move from "concepts about" to direct experience. 

Many people try to do too much too soon (such as working with several chakras at once) and create mental concepts rather than having a genuine experience. We can quickly escape the present-moment experience of the senses and get caught up in thoughts, just the opposite of true meditation. 

True meditation is experiential, slowing us down to pay more attention to what we sense in the present moment.

This work is powerful, and small "doses" profoundly affect your consciousness!

Advanced Meditation doesn't require previous meditation experience. What makes it advanced is that it combines an internal focus of awareness with the Inner Light within us. This unique combination accelerates our healing and awakening. As we become proficient we clear out those mental concepts that clutter our minds and move into direct experience.

So now slow down, breathe, and settle into your body and senses. Our focus is healing your heart chakra.

Your experience is the best guide for determining whether this is valuable. And the best time to experience is always now. Let's go:

Healing Your Heart Chakra Guided Meditation

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Allow 20-30 minutes for this meditation. This meditation can help transform your heart chakra blockage, releasing your past so that you can be more fully loving in the present moment.

Find a comfortable place to sit without being disturbed or distracted. Let your body open and relax, with your feet on the floor below you. Breathe comfortably for a few moments to allow yourself and your brain to come to the present.

Be aware of your surroundings and the sensations in your body. If you start to space out during the meditation, open your eyes and connect again to your body sensations and environment. Awareness of sensations will keep you grounded.

Take your time. Let your experience of the moment deepen.

Focus your awareness at the center of the top of your head. From here, bring your awareness to a point 6 inches directly above the center of the top of your head. My meditation teacher called this place the Upper Room. It is an energy chakra where you can more easily connect with your true nature, with "Presence."

Here, you can connect with the peace, clarity. and power of your true nature, your deepest Self.

As you focus here, ask Presence to bring a brilliant point of clear white Light into form. Gradually, let the Light grow in power and size, becoming a diamond-like crystal-white Star 3 inches in diameter.

Let your brain relax and open, rather than trying to create or visualize it. Be easy, open, and relaxed.

Just let the Light shine…if you don’t see it optically, and I didn't at first, sense it. The Star is not a creation of your brain, but of Presence.

Now think of the Star opening and experience liquid-like inner Light pouring downward into your body. Feel this pure stream of Light move in through the top of your head, cleansing your whole body, and flow out the soles of your feet into the earth.

Experience this for a few minutes, cleansing your body and mind. 

Let the Light Fire flow through all your body systems, including your muscles, nerves, bones, vital organs, and skin.

Gradually experience your vibratory rate lifting as you are cleansed. Open to your inner spaciousness as you absorb Light into all your tissues.

Take your time.

Now, think of the downpour of Light stopping and it instantly does so.

Move into your Star with your awareness. It can be your very own “Star Ship.” Move with awareness and your Star in a slight arch, forward and down to the mid-chest level. Bring the Star straight into your Heart Chakra, in the center of your chest, in the center of your body.

Magnify Presence here to help center your Star in the perfect position. Now think of your Star moving into its Inner-Fire mode. Intensify this Inner-Fire action to cleanse your Heart Chakra of whatever is ready to be cleared. Let the Light-Fire transform any heart chakra blockages.

It may get pretty hot! (The fire will only consume what is harmful, but sometimes we are identified with old perspectives and feelings that need to go, so it can be briefly uncomfortable as we learn to let go.)

Blaze up your Star to burn away old emotional pain. Allow a few minutes here to heal your Heart Chakra. Think of connecting as "Beings of Light" with people from your past who you have experienced emotional pain or hurt or who you may have hurt. Try not to get caught up in the story or memories—just focus on the Light Fire.

Let the fires work throughout your heart chakra, purifying and awakening it. Amplify your union as Beings of Light with all involved.

When it feels like the work is done, let the Inner Fire subside and gather pure Light from your Star into your Heart Chakra. With the Heart Chakra blockages released, let it fill with Light, lifting its vibratory rate higher and higher. What does that feel like?

Now, think of the Light of your Star and your Heart Chakra pouring outward. Experience this healing Light energy flowing through your body, lifting all your body systems. Let the Light flow out through the energy field surrounding your body. Let the Inner Light flow out into the world and all your relationships. Let your heart chakra's love shine into your whole body and outward into all your relations, and the world.

Experience this power of Light and Love throughout your creation. Open up and enjoy it.

Let your whole being soak up the Light and experience what it is like to have cleansed your Heart Center.

Ending The Healing Your Heart Chakra Meditation

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You can either let the Star stay here to support your heart and Heart Chakra, or you can bring the Star back to its home in the Upper Room. (If you forget, it naturally goes back there.) 

I would appreciate hearing about your experience.  If you have any questions email me using the form below. 

You should practice this Healing Your Heart Chakra meditation a few times this week to discover its benefits. As my teacher, Russell Paul Schofield, said, “The light doesn’t work for you but with you.” If you work with it, you will see immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Remember, let your experience be a guide. Heart Chakra healing can take a while because we all have a long emotional history. As your heart chakra blockage is transformed, it becomes the fuel for you to shine as never before.

The Inner Light-Fire reveals past buried pain, even from childhood. These become buried treasures for you to find, treasures of healing energy, insight, and pure love.

I want to emphasize the value of working with a qualified teacher again. If you are interested, please get in touch with me about the next steps and explore the other pages of Advanced Meditation.

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