Advanced Meditation Principles
By Jon Terrell, M.A.

Our training is based on several core ideas that form the foundation of our work. These Advanced Meditation principles are guidelines that differentiate this training from others. AM is a unique type of meditation that combines traditional meditation's restorative and focusing benefits with Inner LightFire energy work.

bowl of lighted candles

I. We are both a creator and a creation in the “image and likeness” of the macrocosmic Creator and Creation. In ancient Greek tradition, Hermes Trismegistus, who was a blend of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth, said, "As above, so below."

  • Mother-Father-Creator God, Source or Divine Presence created and sustains the external objective universe. As a unique God-Child Creator, we create and sustain our personal self. As a child of the highest, we are awakened, fully loving, and present. We are "within, throughout, and all about" our personal self.

  • The Big Bang was an explosion of Light-Fire that became the matter/energy of our expanding universe. The universe is made out of LightFire. We also are made out of LightFire.

II. We are here on earth to play the “cosmic learning game,” the evolutionary journey of awakening to goodness, love, and wisdom. Awakening from limited, isolated parts to a recognition that we are all totally connected, totally connected in Light and Love.

III. We are at an evolutionary stage where each of us can awaken as a LightFire Initiate who can earn to tap, channel and direct pure LightFire energy, the basic stuff of the universe, for healing and awakening. We can learn to decode the language of Light.

  • We can learn to transform limited consciousness so that it awakens to the glory of indwelling Presence.

  • We can awaken on a personal and global scale, working within ourselves and in relationships, groups, nations, and the whole planet to support the evolution of life on earth. We do this by transforming limiting beliefs that trap awareness, life energy, and identity, blocking wholeness, goodwill, wisdom and love.

  • Our focus is primarily down, bringing the Light from above down into our creation and the story of our life, rather than rising up or disassociating from our story. Amazing, we come to realize that our life story, with all its painful twists and turns, is the fuel for awakening.

Additional Notes On The Downward Flow Of Light

Our Main Focus Is To Bring Light Down, To Our Bodies and To Earth

Humanity has evolved quite a bit from 2000-3,000 years ago when Light and Energy techniques were first explored in India.

At that time, spiritual yogis focused on drawing energy upward through the chakras towards higher consciousness. People spoke of raising the Kundalini, the life force, from the lower chakras to the head or above the head. The journey to God was an upward journey.

These methods are still quite popular today. It can be fulfilling to rise up into Higher consciousness, to rise up to the Divine, as we do it prayer and numerous forms of prayer.

In Advanced Meditation, on the other hand, rising up is only the first step!

Today, we need is to bring higher energies down into our bodies and the world. We need to ground Light and Love into our bodies, our personalities and our relationships.

The focus is downward, grounding the higher energies. It's not enough to rise into higher states of consciousness. There are lots of ways to "get high."  That's the easy part.  Spiritual explorers have been doing that for thousands of years.

The challenge is to transform our lives and our relationships, to bring that high down, to ground it in earth.

We need to transform our bodies and minds so that we can uplift ourselves and those around us. Our job is to bring Love and Light from the ideal, from spirit, into our lives!

In the awakening and transforming methods of Advanced Meditation clients learn how to tap into pure sources of life energy from within and direct that energy into their bodies and the earth. 

Advanced meditation tools of Light are here to help "bring heaven to earth." The meaning of incarnation is to bring the divine into flesh (carne).

Our focus is practical: to lift the vibratory rate of our bodies and minds, of each other, and the world. Bringing pure life-energy down into the body and the earth cleanses and awakens consciousness. 

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